Peter Kleine Schaars

During the CD recordings of “Portrait of Philip Sparke” and “Windscapes” with the German Bläserphilharmonie I had the opportunity working with Peter Kleine Schaars as the recording supervisor. Every time he managed to create a positive, constructive, relaxed but certainly also a concentrated atmosphere. He worked skilful and full of enthusiasm and we were evidence of his brilliant hearing and professional knowledge. As a conductor I could truly trust his judgement and felt myself being in good hands. His comments and instructions were always well founded and did motivated everyone to do their best. The recordings speak for themselves – and many will follow!

Walter Ratzek
Chiefconductor Concert Band of the German Armed Forces
and the German Bläserphilharmonie

One of the most important, and yet overlooked, people in the process recording of a CD is the producer/supervisor. Their job is to act as an interface between the technical and musical sides of the project while keeping a close eye on both sides and ensuring the overall quality of what goes on disk.

I'm very fortunate that Peter Kleine Schaars has done this vital job for many recordings of my pieces on the Anglo Records and De Haske labels. He has vast experience on both sides of the microphone and combines an innate musicianship and knowledge of recording techniques with a unique ability to relate to conductors and players, resulting in happy recording sessions. This, of course, makes for a good atmosphere in the studio and hence good results on CD.

He is the best! In fact, he is nearly as good as me!!

Philip Sparke

Light – or popular – music is not easy!

Playing light, or popular, music styles is not undemanding. To play light music well, there is more involved than some people tend to think. This is why Fanfare ‘Vriendenkring’ invited Peter Kleine Schaars in preparation of taking part in a number of entertainment contests. It was a special experience for the musicians, and also for me personally. During two rehearsals, Peter captivated the players with his expertise. In a pleasant, relaxed way, various aspects (playing manners, rhythms, etc.) were dealt with. The playing enjoyment was definitely enhanced!

The closing concert – where Peter conducted his own works and elucidated his activities – was a real happening. The overcrowded house responded excitedly with a standing ovation. Thank you, Peter!

On behalf of Fanfare ‘Vriendenkring’ Overloon,
Phil van Landeghem, conductor

During a CD recording for De Haske, the Royal Band of the Belgian Navy got to know Peter Kleine Schaars as a recording producer. The pleasant acquaintance and enjoyable teamwork formed the basis for further cooperation. Through his years of experience as a military musician and as a composer/arranger, Peter has a good deal of baggage in the field of light – or popular – music. He was invited as a guest conductor to prepare a concert programme with his own music and arrangements. The result of a great week of rehearsals was a successful gala concert at the Antwerp Queen Elisabeth Hall, where Peters music was received well by the large audience. For the Royal Band of the Belgian Navy it was an interesting experience that would certainly be worth repeating.

MU1 Peter Van Montfort
horn player
Royal Band of the Belgian Navy

His great arrangements and compositions as well as his interesting lecture about entertainment music have left a great impression in Switzerland. His performance has influenced us very strongly and at the same time showed us what entertainment music is all about.
With a lot of knowledge and humor he was able to clearly show us the interpretations of the many different styles. Many thanks for your enthusiasm. I look forward to our next project.

Mit lieben Grüssen

Cap Christoph Walter
Swiss Army Central Band
Chief Conductor

A musical feast!

The Concert Band Concordia (highest division) from Melick (Holland) is very ambitious when it comes to classical concerts. Entertainment music was never approached seriously. That’s why we recently did a project “entertainment music” with guest conductor Peter Kleine Schaars.
In a period of three months we had three rehearsals and a final concert. These rehearsals were very interesting, for the musicians as well for me. Peter Kleine Schaars certainly knows how to inspire the members of the orchestra. He has an ability of explaining difficult subjects very easily and he tells his story with a lot of humor. He showed us the value of learning and performing good “entertainment music”. Every rehearsal was a musical feast!
The big advantage of this project was not the swinging final concert, but the fact that the orchestra (and its conductor) picked up and performed “entertainment music” much more easily now.
A project “entertainment music” with Peter Kleine Schaars is a must for every orchestra.

Harry Wolters
Conductor Concert Band Concordia Melick

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