Peter Kleine Schaars

Conductor of your company: Inspirational management

Discover the inspiring conductor in yourself, and teach your business to play successfully!


A conductor is an intriguing person, obviously the leader of the orchestra, and the pivotal point during the rehearsals. Not just with his professional comments, but especially with subtle movements of his baton, his body language and facial expressions, he knows how to motivate his and inspire his team. His inspiration for the implementation of the business (the score) is the secret behind the success of the concert, the final product of the organisation (the orchestra).

Along with an orchestra created specifically for this purpose, Peter Kleine Schaars offers you the opportunity to take a look in the kitchen of the conductor. In an interactive lecture, the metaphor of the manager-conductor is explained. The complex skills of a conductor are subdivided into a number of distinct skills, and you are offered a guideline to apply these skills in your specific management practice.

First you learn the basics of conducting, managing and continuously motivating a large and diverse group of employees who are all specialists in their field (their instruments). Then you will take part in a rehearsal of the Inspiration Orchestra. This is a professional orchestra comprising 40 musicians from the Dutch music scene. You can sit among the musicians, and see, hear, feel and experience how it is to be a musical 'team player'. In addition, you will experience the ultimate leadership experience when, coached by Peter Kleine Schaars himself, you take your place on the conductor's podium to conduct the orchestra. Since each of your leading gestures is converted by the orchestra into sound, you get immediate and valuable feedback on your personal leadership style. During this session, Peter Kleine Schaars will give you a unique insight into your leadership style and will help and inspire you to get more out of yourself and your team.

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