Peter Kleine Schaars

On this site, I’d like to show you how I can help you practising our common passion: music.

It is possible that you have played or conducted one of my compositions or arrangements, and you might be looking for some information about the man behind those notes. Maybe you’re just curious; maybe you have an actual question. I’d like to give you answers to those questions or help you find musical solutions for you and your amateur or professional orchestra.

The field of “light music played by symphonic wind orchestras” has made quite a development the last few years, and it is a hot item for many conductors and orchestras. I’d like to share my long-term experience in this music (as a staff arranger and assistant conductor of the Royal Marine Band of the Dutch Navy) in order to help you to reach and maintain a high quality level – and, of course, lots of musical fun.

This can be achieved in many ways, from occasional guest conducting or workshops through the coaching of both conductor and orchestra following a step-by-step plan, to even writing a complete new repertoire fitted to your orchestra.

With musical greetings,
Peter Kleine Schaars


It's so nice to meet you too!

Now for sale: the new cd IT'S SO NICE TO MEET YOU TOO from Peter Kleine Schaars and his INSPIRATION ORCHESTRA.

The perfect Christmas gift for windband lovers: 75 minutes of his best works played by this fantastic new symphonic windband!

Transfer € 17 (this includes shipping cost) to bankaccount 5987915 of the Inspiration Orchestra (Beetsterzwaag NL) Please write down your complete address!

Make sure that transfer costs (depending on your bank) will be on your account :-)

IBAN: NL33INGB0005987915


Conductor of your company: Inspirational management

A conductor is an intriguing person, obviously the leader of the orchestra, and the pivotal point during the rehearsals. Not just with his professional comments, but especially with subtle movements of his baton, his body language and facial expressions, he knows how to motivate his and inspire his team. His inspiration for the implementation of the business (the score) is the secret behind the success of the concert, the final product of the organisation (the orchestra). Along with an orchestra created specifically for this purpose, Peter Kleine Schaars offers you the opportunity to take a look in the kitchen of the conductor. In an interactive lecture, the metaphor of the manager-conductor is explained. The complex skills of a conductor are subdivided into a number of distinct skills, and you are offered a guideline to apply these skills in your specific management practice.


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