Peter Kleine Schaars

Musical highlights

  • 1986 Bachelor Degree classical trombone (conservatory Zwolle)
  • 1987 Bachelor Degree jazz trombone (conservatory Zwolle)
  • 1989 Appointment Royal Marine Band of the Dutch Navy
  • 1993 First prize composition contest N.I.B. (Dutch Institute of Wind Music)
  • 1993 First prize Show World Music Contest Kerkrade (K&G orchestra)
  • 1995 Master Degree composition (conservatory Rotterdam)
  • 1997 First prizes Show & March World Music Contest Kerkrade (K&G orch.)
  • 2000 Bachelor Degree conducting (conservatory Tilburg)
  • 2001 Composition commission contest piece St. Gallen Switzerland
  • 2002 Master degree conducting (conservatory Maastricht)
  • 2002 Sound supervisor & producer Haske Publications BV
  • 2004 Conductor of Advendo Franeker (the Netherlands)
  • 2004 Conductor of the Netherlands Police Orchestra
  • 2005 First prices show & mars. World Music Contest Kerkrade (K&G orch.)
  • 2005 Conductor of Gruno’s Postharmonie Groningen (the Netherlands)
  • 2005 WAMSB Award Winner
  • 2007 Guest theacher ArtEZ conservatory in Zwolle (the Netherlands)
  • 2009 First prices show. World Music Contest Kerkrade (K&G orch.)
  • 2010 Conductor of the Royal Biltse Harmonie (the Netherlands)
  • 2010 Founder and conductor of the Inspiration Orchestra


Peter Kleine Schaars , born on august 10th 1962 te Deventer , Holland , starts making music at the age of 10. The lack of trombone players in the region gives him the opportunity to quickly get knowlegde of playing many types of music in many different orchestras (symfony orchestras, concert bands, fanfare orchestras, bigbands, jazzensembles, salsa orchestras and even rockbands). At the age of 16 he starts making arrangements for some of the bands he plays in. This broad musical interest ends many years later in completing four musical studies, knowing classical trombone, jazz trombone, composition (Bob Brookmeijer, Rob Pronk en Klaas de Vries) and conducting (Jan Cober).

In June 1989 he gets an appointment with the Royal Marine Band of the Netherlands Navy where he works as trombonist, staffarranger and assisting conductor. For twelve years the band plays instantly compositions and arrangements of his hand and the public just loves it. He recieves many writing commissions from orchestras and soloist, gives many workshops throughout Europe and is often asked to be a questconductor. After his Composition Funky Fuque meets Waddle Waltz wins a first price in a composition contest of the Netherlands Institute of Windmusic he writing career starts seriously.

Next to the professional orchestras gradually the amateur orchestras discover his music as in 1996 his first works get published. The increasing work of composing and conducting are no longer to combine with a career at the Marine Band. November 2002 he is offered a parttime job as sound supervisor and producer with de Haske Publications B.V. His music will be published by de Haske (mainly in his own series Peter’s Popular Collection) and he is enjoying the writing and conducting activities in and outside the country. Peter is conductor of the Netherlands Police Orchestra, and the Symphonic Windbands in De Bilt and Groningen (the Netherlands ). He also is the musical supervisor of Worldchampion K&G Leiden with whom he won the WAMSB Award 2005.

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